UBC Logos and Faculty Signatures

Unit signatures identify a faculty or department as being clearly part of UBC without diluting the brand. If you are uncertain about which signature to use or to request permission to use, please contact Robert Kwei. .Eps and .Ai files available upon request.

For more information about UBC logos and the visual identity guide, visit the UBC Brand website.

All UBC Logos

To download all UBC logos (crests and/or wordmarks), please visit the UBC Brand website.

Forestry Full Signatures

This is the standard and preferred format for faculties and units who require an official unit signature. Faculties, schools and units can use their unit signature for many promotional purposes. However, in the case of stationery items and website headers or footers, the UBC Signature must be used.

Download black, blue and white signatures

Forestry Promo Signatures

This unit signature features the name of the faculty, school, unit or department more prominently and can be used for marketing purposes.

Download black, blue and white signatures

Forestry Narrow Signatures

Like the Narrow UBC Signature, this should only be used when there is insufficient space for use of the full unit signature.

Download black, blue and white signatures

Forestry Short Signatures

This signature option is less formal and is intended for audiences that already know that UBC stands for The University of British Columbia, or when used in conjunction with brand devices which already have the UBC logo in it such as the UBC Publication Bar or the UBC CLF.

Download black, blue and white signatures

Forestry Leaf Logo

For audiences already familiar with the UBC and Faculty of Forestry brand, you may use the Forestry Leaf logo. It can used with or without the UBC crest. For all external audiences, the Forestry Signatures above are recommended.

Download green and white logos

Powerpoint Templates & Fact Sheets

This section is under construction. Please contact Robert Kwei with details of your presentation.

For a Faculty presentation and fact sheet, please visit the internal shared drive. To access the share drive, copy and paste:
\\teamshare.ead.ubc.ca\Team\FRST\General\Forestry Presentations
into your Windows Explorer window. If you do not have access, please contact Robert Kwei.

For UBC Powerpoint templates and Report Template for Word, please visit the UBC Brand website.